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  • Why I Oppose Mandatory Water Fluoridation in Aotearoa

    Why I Oppose Mandatory Water Fluoridation in Aotearoa

    June 12 2021

    I just posted my public submission opposing the move for mandatory fluoridation & mass medication of NZ's water supply. Applications are open until 18 June 2021. Even a simple "I do not consent" makes a difference. Make a submission at this link: See my submission below:To whom it concerns, Thank you for the opportunity to share about the Supplementary...

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  • The Centre Poem - by Jason Corliss

    The Centre Poem - by Jason Corliss

    May 04 2021

    The Centre,Where my two worlds meet.The spirit and the soulInfinite in peace.The centreWhere north meets southeast meets westPapatūānuku, Earth Mothermeets Ranginui, Father Sky.Wairua, great spiritEnters my lungsFills my cellsDeeply rooted with great wingsI am an eagleI am a hawkI am the ancient treesIn a dance with creationThe drum beats in my chestWe are one, one people, one tribeNature, nature being...

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  • OM Brotherhood Presents: Men's Wilderness Adventure

    OM Brotherhood Presents: Men's Wilderness Adventure

    May 02 2021

    Join OM on a Men's expedition to the west coast of Auckland, journeying inner and outer worlds to cultivate connection, learning and growth.Sunday 16th May 7am - 3pm.Tickets: Event Afterpay your ticket: ABOUT THIS EVENT Start the morning at the La Cigale French Market for an organic smoothie at Organic Mechanic, before journeying out to the Waitakere...

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  • Organic Mechanic Plants Hemp Farm - Rotorua

    Organic Mechanic Plants Hemp Farm - Rotorua

    August 31 2020

    Almost 3 years ago, in collaboration with a group of talented wāhine, OM planted our first hemp farm 🌱 In the warm, Rotorua soils, we first cleared the fertile whānau land of weeds, and levelled it out, ready to be dug and mixed with organic fertilizers and minerals. After we sent our initial soil tests to the lab, with a...

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  • OM Raw Superfood Hemp Bliss Ball Recipe

    OM Raw Superfood Hemp Bliss Ball Recipe

    March 21 2020

    These raw superfood hemp seed balls are the ideal snack when you need a sweet-tooth-power-hit of healthy fats and plant based protein. Made with our NZ Grown Hemp seeds, and combined with Cacao and Maca, these balls are packed with protein, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, magnesium, and more. This is the original recipe from the OM Shack at festivals and...

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  • Health is the Real Wealth.

    Health is the Real Wealth.

    March 20 2020

    There is no more time for business as usual. Around the world, humanity is entering a chrysalis. An initiation. A metamorphosis, a deep change in society as we know it, into a new kind of civilization. As a company, a business with core values of wellbeing, we have had to make some responsible calls. How can we best adapt to...

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  • Brotherhood - Breathwork, Men's Council & Yin Yoga Sound Healing

    Brotherhood - Breathwork, Men's Council & Yin Yoga Sound Healing

    February 23 2020

    Join OM for a 4 hour event focusing on Men's mental health and embodied masculinity through Breathwork, Men's Council, & Yin Yoga Sound Healing.BrotherhoodMonday March 9th6.00pm - 10.30pmBizdojo PonsonbyTickets $55 at Event About this Event: For thousands of years, men have circled up for council for various intentions... In a time when our Tāne (Men) are disproportionately leading...

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  • Tiwaiwaka Aotearoa - The Movement

    Tiwaiwaka Aotearoa - The Movement

    January 15 2020

    Ka ora te whenua, Ka ora te tangata.When the land is well, the people will be well. Tiwaiwaka is another name for the Piwakawaka (fantail) from the Whanganui area of Aotearoa. This symbol represents a movement of healers, Rongoā Māori practitioners, conservationists, activists and all able people to restore the mauri (life force) of the whenua (land) guided by the...

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  • Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori - Organic Mechanic
  • Standing with Ihumātao

    August 05 2019

    Kia ora, Kaitiaki (land protectors) at Ihumaatao are entering their third week of peacefully protecting the sacred whenua for future generations.  In the face of wind, rain, and constant police presence, they are holding the front line with peace, kotahitanga (togetherness, collective action, unity, solidarity), and positivity.  As the occupation continues, it is crucial for our community to show up,...

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  • 24 May - School Strike For Climate NZ - #SS4CNZ

    May 24 2019

    When leaders act like children Children act like leaders. ✊🏽💚 The sea levels are rising, and so are the youth. Today on May 24th all over NZ (and the world) hundreds of thousands of school children went on strike for climate change action on the protection of the future planet they will inherit. It is our youth who will lead...

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  • Premium NZ Grown Hemp Seeds | Organic Mechanic

    April 01 2019

    Committed to NZ Grown - OM Hemp Seeds can be added to almost every meal as a high protein/omega superfood. Add to smoothies, muesli, on toast, in salads, or even as a garnish over dinner. Organic Mechanic has grown hemp for the last two seasons, and this plant of so many uses has always been close to our hearts. Grab...

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