The Centre Poem - by Jason Corliss

May 04 2021 – Graedon Parker

The Centre Poem - by Jason Corliss

The Centre Poem - by Jason Corliss

The Centre,
Where my two worlds meet.

The spirit and the soul
Infinite in peace.

The centre
Where north meets south
east meets west
Papatūānuku, Earth Mother
meets Ranginui, Father Sky.

Wairua, great spirit
Enters my lungs
Fills my cells
Deeply rooted with great wings
I am an eagle
I am a hawk
I am the ancient trees

In a dance with creation
The drum beats in my chest
We are one, one people, one tribe
Nature, nature being nature.

So be as you are
Love all that you are
You have come to sing, to dance
To celebrate all of creation.
Be at one with yourself
Return to the centre
Oh infinite one
Remember, remember, remember
The dance of our ancestors
The light now handed to you.

- Jason Corliss

Rest in power
1988 - 2018

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