Health is the Real Wealth.

Health is the Real Wealth.

There is no more time for business as usual.

Around the world, humanity is entering a chrysalis. An initiation. A metamorphosis, a deep change in society as we know it, into a new kind of civilization.

As a company, a business with core values of wellbeing, we have had to make some responsible calls. How can we best adapt to serve our community - right now?

One decision is to close the OM Shack for the foreseeable future - for a number of reasons:

1 - Ensuring health and wellbeing of our staff, customers and community.
2 - To support the movement of Aotearoa into a period of social rest and digest.
3 - As (like many other businesses) we can no longer afford to continue trading in this way.

This does not mean we won't be back - we are taking this time to rethink and restructure the organism we have grown over the last 7 years.

We are grateful to the New Zealand government for the massive budget (never before seen in NZ's history) set aside to cushion the blow for businesses and staff that will suffer during this initial period.

But we are not seeing this as something temporary. This is only the beginning.

We know that what is happening in our healthcare and economic system is a direct reflection of what has been happening to Papatūānuku all around us. The Earth is a living, breathing, SACRED body, not a lifeless resource machine. She speaks to us in many ways, through the birds, the rivers, the ocean, the forests, the winds...

We are intimately interconnected with the health of Te Whenua. She can feel us.

Ka ora te whenua, ka ora te tangata - When the land is well, the people will be well. These are the values of the Tiwaiwaka movement.

We are returning to nature, to our mother Papatūānuku for the answers.

For the inspiration. To restore our sense of hope. Everything we need lies right in front of us. And nature always knows what to do... and innately, so do we. Because WE ARE nature - nature being nature.

Already within the space of weeks we have seen canals turning crystal clear, polluted skies clearing to blue, all from the human race simply pressing pause. Taking the time to stop, and reflect... No more business as usual.

How can a business make financial decisions that are also aligned with the best ecological decision? How can we better utilize our energy to serve the community and our ecology right now? What are the possibilities for what happens next on a global scale?


  • You can now purchase a range of vitamins and minerals crucial for maintaining a healthy immune system from our website
  • If you are in need of booch probiotics to maintain morale, we can deliver straight to your door.
  • We're stocking bulk NZ Grown hemp seeds to keep your fridge packed with healthy plant proteins.
  • Afterpay means these medicines and superfoods are affordable for everyone
  • We are growing a movement for our Tāne - our men, with an online brotherhood group designed to bring the bro's together and support eachother through this time. Request to join the group here >>>
  • We have 100 more copies of the Tiwaiwaka Book, a guide written by Pa Ropata (Rob McGowan) for navigating these times - along with a range of merchandise which helps to keep the movement alive.


The world as we know it, is ending.

Things will not be the same on the other side of this curve, and this crisis may very well be the catalyzing change that finally brings us all together.

Although we are in a process of isolation (or self sovereignty), we need eachother more than ever. Together we have the opportunity and the capacity to create something greater.

So take this time to take care of yourself, care for your loved ones. Put your health as the number 1 priority.

Take the time, (if you are lucky enough to have it) to reflect, to dream, to imagine what is possible.

Because we are powerful as f**k - and we're resilient as f**k.

Let's go.


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