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  • OM Brotherhood

    Men's Wellbeing experiences, workshops, & retreats to cultivate healthy New Zealand men in a new age of embodied masculinty.

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    Learn about events/festivals & workshops we are involved in.

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  • OM Brotherhood

    We host wellbeing experiences, workshops & retreats for men young & old in Aotearoa.

  • Healing & Embodiment

    We use a broad range of techniques to navigate inner worlds, such as Sound, Breathwork & Meditation.

  • H A K A

    Channeling the power of ancestral practises & ways of being from a range of diverse cultures.

  • Circling Up

    Creating safe space for men to share and express difficult emotions with experienced leaders & poratitioners.


  • Digital Sovereignty 101

    Digital Sovereignty 101

    How much of your daily communications rely on the big 3 - Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram? How much of a role does Google / Gmail and all of it’s apps/extensions play in your life? If you took any of the above apps away (following Facebook's recent 6-7 hour blackout event amoungst allegations for harming children's mental health) could you...

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  • OM Retires From the Booch Game | Organic Mechanic

    OM Retires From the Booch Game | Organic Mechanic

    Dear valued friends, whānau & customers, Perhaps you may have heard of/sampled/gulped down, and/or regularly purchased our flagship product - OM Kombucha / organic smoothie from us. However you got here, we are grateful you are reading, as we have something to share. As a team over the last 8 years we have loved singing to our SCOBYs and drinking...

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  • Why I Oppose Mandatory Water Fluoridation in Aotearoa

    Why I Oppose Mandatory Water Fluoridation in Aotearoa

    I just posted my public submission opposing the move for mandatory fluoridation & mass medication of NZ's water supply. Applications are open until 18 June 2021. Even a simple "I do not consent" makes a difference. Make a submission at this link: https://www.parliament.nz/en/pb/sc/make-a-submission/document/53SCHE_SCF_INQ_111711/inquiry-into-supplementary-order-paper-no-38-on-the-health See my submission below:To whom it concerns, Thank you for the opportunity to share about the Supplementary...

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