Our Story | Organic Mechanic

Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.
- Hippocrates, 400 B.C.

In the winter of 2013, Organic Mechanic began as a small organic smoothie stall, operating only on the weekends, at the La Cigale French markets in Parnell. 

Influenced by the healing journey of their father with cancer, a group of young surfers became inspired to lead a healthier lifestyle and share the tools, knowledge and wisdom they learnt along the way for their community at large.

Lead by the wisdom of HIppocrates, Gandhi and Marley, this growing group of freedom seekers set out to create a company which could truly "be the change" they wanted to see in the world.

The first means for transformation? An organic green smoothie.

We keep things organic, and create as little waste as possible, simply because it's better for us, and better for our common mother - Papatūānuku.

That same smoothie recipe continues to be our top seller at our flagship store - the OM Shack - Sat/Sun 9-1pm at La Cigale French Markets, Parnell.

OM Kombucha was born in 2014 as an additional craft product for the stall, and an immunity boosting elixir for the gut microbiome. 

From brewing 2L on the kitchen bench, and freestyling our way up to 1000L+ batches a week, OM Kombucha grew rapidly as OM's main retail product. Our brew became an effective vehicle for creating a healthier alcohol-free celebration culture, promoting refill culture by refilling from kegs, and supplying a healthier alternative to fizzy drinks.

OM recently retired from the kombucha retail game, in order to come back to our roots, feel into more effective ways of enabling our vision of thriving human and planetary wellbeing.

As a lifestyle enterprise, OM will continue to support, visualize and embody the change that we wish to see in the world.

We will continue to connect, share and amplify events, people, movements, and ideas who's time have come.

We honour all the individuals who continue to give their love and support to this kaupapa.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.
- Gandhi

Video above in honour of our brother & co-founder Jason Corliss.
Sep 1988 - Feb 2018
Rest in power.


OM Ambassadors

Alexander Liew

Head Brewer & Father of 3

Graedon Parker

Artist & Juice Boss

Rajeev Joshi

Lyrical Prodigy & Chef

Nicholas Corliss

Laughter Enthusiast

Jason Corliss


Buster Caitcheon

Musical Genius

Luke Gabites

OM Shack Manager

Dorine Forte

Nik Robson

Connie Causa

Tamara Josephine

Javier Ugas

And so many more.