The OM Story

Organic Mechanic was born in 2013 as an organic smoothie stall, known for it's banging OM Kombucha brew in bottles & kegs nationwide, and numerous transformational experiences in community wellbeing.

An Inspiration to Serve

Influenced by their own health journeys and witnessing the life of a father with cancer, a group of young surfers became inspired to lead a healthier lifestyle and share the tools, knowledge and wisdom they learnt along the way for their community at large.

Lead by the wisdom of HIppocrates, Gandhi and Bob Marley, this group set out to create a company which could truly "be the change" they wanted to see in the world.

Their first stop - serving organic green smoothies.

Our Crew

Organic Superfood Smoothies

The mission of Organic Mechanic began as a small organic smoothie & breakfast bar at the La Cigale French markets in Parnell. 

Everything was organic, the cups reuseable, and the ingredients sourced as locally as possible.

The "OM Shack" as it came to be known, became a watering hole for the local wellbeing community, and we began to host our own events at the market, including wild edibles expeditions, meditation, music & yoga in the local park.

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Organic Probiotic Kombucha

A year later we added OM Kombucha as an additional craft product for the stall, and an immunity boosting elixir for the gut microbiome. 

From brewing 2L on the kitchen bench, and freestyling our way up to 1000L+ batches a week, OM Kombucha grew rapidly as OM's main retail product. Our brew became an effective vehicle for creating a healthier alcohol-free celebration culture, promoting refill culture by refilling from kegs, and supplying a healthier alternative to fizzy drinks.

OM Parties & Wellbeing Festivals

As the Kombucha operation grew, we started to host our own alchohol-free parties and attend wellbeing festivals and events where we were fortunate enough to have our own "OM Tent". We connected with many different people, businesses and tribes during these times.

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Premium Superfoods & Wellbeing Tools

For the last decade we have had a key focus on making available the best range of organic superfoods, supplements and tools to help promote wellbeing, resilience and sovereignty in these times.

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Retiring from the Booch Game

OM grew from kitchen bench brewers into an entire kombucha brewery, crafting thousands of litres of probiotic goodness per month - supplied in bottles, kegs & refill stations across Aotearoa.

After the loss of Co-founder Jason Corliss in 2018, OM retired from the Kombucha game in 2021 to come back to our roots, feel into more effective ways of enabling our vision of thriving human and planetary wellbeing.

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