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  • Tiwaiwaka Movement Aotearoa

    Tiwaiwaka Movement Aotearoa

    October 12 2020

    Ka ora te tangata, ka ora te whenua - When the land is well, the people are well.I first learnt about the Tiwaiwaka movement through my studies of Rongoā Māori and our native plants under the guidance of Pa McGowan and Donna Kerridge. Through their organisation, Pa and Donna run regular wananga (conferences) through the year ranging from introductory...

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  • Health is the Real Wealth.

    Health is the Real Wealth.

    March 20 2020

    There is no more time for business as usual. Around the world, humanity is entering a chrysalis. An initiation. A metamorphosis, a deep change in society as we know it, into a new kind of civilization. As a company, a business with core values of wellbeing, we have had to make some responsible calls. How can we best adapt to...

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  • Introducing our New OM Kombucha Bottles ✨⚡️

    Introducing our New OM Kombucha Bottles ✨⚡️

    August 19 2019

    These new 375ml bottles represent the Organic Mechanic commitment to create a more regenerative and responsible brand future, making the best quality product, whilst doing minimal harm, and fostering positive community & environmental impact for generations to come.As well as the bigger bottle:• The amber coloured glass bottles help preserve billions of living bacteria inside from harmful UV light;• Amber...

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  • OM NZ Grown Hemp Seeds now stocked at IE Produce Takapuna

    June 27 2019

    Stoked to have our NZ Grown Seed stocked at IE Produce Takapuna 🙌🏽🌿💚 Joyce is leading the way with retail and BioGro NZ organic health foods in Aotearoa and we’re blessed to have been working with her and her team over the past 5 years 🍓

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  • Jonnie Halstead From Wanderlust Great Lake Taupo on Dougit - The Podcast

    February 25 2016

    At Wanderlust Great Lake Taupo a few weekends ago, we caught Doug taking Jonnie (Australasia's Wanderlust enabler) on a legendary impromptu podcast over a beer by a pool in the sun following the final act of the festival - the mindful and magnificent musician Xavier Rudd. It's a great listen, check it out

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  • Entrepreneurship = Perserverance

    February 23 2016

    Organic Mechanic was born out of a dream to do things differently, to be liberated from society's ideals of having a career, of having a job, being a cog in the machine, working on someone else's dreams.. Instead we live life in the highest alignment of our own dreams, taking control of our own future and lifestyle full of freedom,...

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  • Meditation - There are no rules.

    February 26 2015

    I have been asked numerous times in my life if I meditate. I often wonder what they mean by that?   What is their perspective on meditation? Often people visualize a Yogi in lotus position chanting OM... While above is a picture that many seem to aspire to, it can seem slightly unattainable to some. There are no limitations or rules...

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    February 03 2015

    For about 3 weeks now I have been living in a half built house. I have gone from living in a fully functioning house containing a shower, kitchen, power points, running water and light switches, to a house with none of these things and I must say, I love it! It has really made me realise and understand that we...

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    January 09 2015

    By Joanna Loveys BNatMed HbT MNZAMH Without sunlight, plants wouldn’t thrive and grow and neither would we! Sunlight is our greatest source of “The Sunshine Vitamin” - Vitamin D - which is critical for good health and vitality. One of the great things about vitamin D is that our bodies are capable of producing it. Even just 10 minutes sun...

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  • 5 Foods to Improve both your Life and Track Record in the Kitchen

    January 09 2015

    Avocados: Like Nadia Lim I also love Avocadoes. You can have them on toast, in sandwiches, plain, in a dip, in salads, grilled or as a chocolate mousse. Avocados are high in monosaturated fat which makes your hair/skin and everything look awesome, they also have double the amount of potassium than a banana, with folic acid, and magnesium, and Vit...

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  • 5 Top Tips for a Healthy Gut

    December 23 2014

    We’ve all heard the saying “listen to your gut”, and while this tends to mean “ listen to your intuition” it could just as well apply to paying attention to the digestive function in the gut. Do you suffer bloating after eating, with loose stools and/or tummy cramps? Are you feeling tired, have no energy and just generally don’t feel...

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  • 5 Easy ways to stay grounded during the Christmas/New Year hype.

    December 05 2014

    With the Christmas and New Year festivities coming up it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season. Be it frantically trying to get work finished, gift shopping or planning what to cook on Christmas Day. Stress and worry can take over and have you pulling your hair out in no time! It is...

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