Introducing our New OM Kombucha Bottles ✨⚡️

August 19 2019 – Graedon Parker

Introducing our New OM Kombucha Bottles ✨⚡️

Introducing our New OM Kombucha Bottles ✨⚡️

These new 375ml bottles represent the Organic Mechanic commitment to create a more regenerative and responsible brand future, making the best quality product, whilst doing minimal harm, and fostering positive community & environmental impact for generations to come.

As well as the bigger bottle:
• The amber coloured glass bottles help preserve billions of living bacteria inside from harmful UV light;
• Amber glass is easier to recycle than clear glass;
• The bottle shape is better suited to cope with our natural fizz;
• We're brewing with premium artesian spring water from West Auckland;
• They come in a cute little 12-pack which you can order online;
• All of our brews are in tune with the #Maramataka(Māori Lunar Calendar);
• Our 750ml bottle is also getting an upgrade soon;
• We have some gob-smacking new flavours and events in the pipeline.

Unlike most brands in the supermarket, we don’t use artificial sweeteners, #stevia, #erythritol, and our brew is completely #RAWand #UNPASTEURISEDwith the lowest levels of sugar we can get. It’s always been about YOUR wellbeing.

When you purchase OM Kombucha, you’re buying the best. You are supporting our vision for a consumer ecology that fosters resilience, and a grassroots business operating as a force for planetary transformation.

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