Wim Hof Fundamentals Workshops - AKL Dec 2023

Wim Hof Fundamentals Workshops - AKL Dec 2023

Over the years, OM Co-founder @nicholas.corliss has been through intense periods of over-thinking & anxiety. Desperate for a way out, he tried many different methods to find peace…

In 2016, Nick discovered the Wim Hof Method, which has transformed his life. It’s been one of the fastest ways for him to reduce anxiety, stress, and over-thinking. Knowing that many people are battling with the same challenges on a daily basis, he’s now on a mission to share these incredible tools with people all over the world.

Meeting @iceman_hof and becoming a certified instructor in 2022, Nick has built an ice-bathing community through his many workshops in Barcelona, Spain (where he is based), and he’s back in Aotearoa this summer, hosting two workshops on the north shore of Auckland.

Sat 9th Dec 10am - 4pm.
Sun 10th of Dec 10am - 4pm.

🌬️ You can expect to be guided through breathing exercises, get comfortable in the ice, and learn additional wellbeing practises to take control of your mind, transcend anxiety, and unleash your full potential.
Check out @nicholas.corliss for his raving testimonials and more.
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