OM's Nicholas Corliss Turns Wim Hof Instructor & Mental Wellness Coach

OM's Nicholas Corliss Turns Wim Hof Instructor & Mental Wellness Coach

Nicholas Corliss recently completed his Wim Hof Method (WHM) training in Poland in February this year. 

He has been practicing the WHM since 2016 and still continues to this day, as it has such a great benefit for his Mental Health - specifically on reducing OCD & Anxiety. 

Wim Hof is the ice man and developed a method that has benefits on our overall health. He has been awarded over 20 Guinness and has done incredible things like running a marathon in the arctic, running in the desert with no water and climbing to the death zone of mount everest in shoes and shorts. He was driven by the suicide of his wife and in 2014 he helped to changed science by showing that it is actually possible to tap into our autonomic nervous system.

Here is a review he received on Google from a recent WHM Basic Breathing class:

"Nick is incredibly passionate, genuine and professional. He's a natural teacher and even though it was on Zoom I gained a lot out of the class and hope to do another one soon. 10/10 would recommend!"

Nicholas helps people to specifically overcome Anxiety and OCD so it doesn't hold them people back in their life. He is very enthusiastic, loves what he does and has a lot of knowledge in the area so you will be in good hands if you do work with him. 

There is a combination of tools he incorporates to help people achieve their goal

He is only taking on a limited amount of 1 on 1 clients at the moment so he can give them the most attention as possible.  So be in quick if you do want to learn more about how he can help. 

If you are ready to overcome your anxiety, ocd and improve mental wellness he provides an initial call for free - no strings attached, you can book an appt by Clicking here

Or visit his personal website directly:

You can also follow his Youtube channel, which has amazing guided meditations and talks for improving your mental wellness and cultivating more freedom and inner contentment: Nicholas's Mental Wellness Youtube Channel


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