Our Story | Organic Mechanic

In the winter of 2013, Organic Mechanic began as a small organic smoothie stall, operating only on the weekends, at the La Cigale French markets in Parnell. 

The smoothies were all organic, and the wheatgrass all pressed fresh, with the idea being influenced by the passing of two of the brother’s father to cancer, and the journey toward health & wellbeing that proceeded. 

These experiences lead these young men on their own individual health journeys to discover their own meanings for what it meant to be truly healthy & happy in this world. 

As this small crew of entrepreneurial surfers started to learn more about the importance of gut health and maintaining a diet high in probiotic/fermented foods - OM Kombucha was born in 2014 as an additional craft product for the stall, and an immunity boosting elixir for the gut Microbiome. 

From brewing 20L a week on the kitchen bench, to 1000L+ batches a week, OM has grown through many challenges and successes along the way, harnessing OM Kombucha and the entire OM business model as a vehicle for helping to create positive transformation for individuals, their community, and on an economical, & environmental level.

As the planetary movement towards health and wellbeing grows stronger, Organic Mechanic and it’s surrounding ccommunity stand as strong ambassadors for holistic health and conscious business, aligning life with their truest, most authentic purpose, creating a healthy, regenerative future for generations to come. 

Recently, in February 2018, Co-founder Jason Corliss (tallest above) sadly passed away. OM continues to honour his warm hugs, radiant smiles, his visionary leadership, and his warrior spirit throughout everything they do.