OM Retires From the Booch Game | Organic Mechanic

OM Retires From the Booch Game | Organic Mechanic

Dear valued friends, whānau & customers,

Perhaps you may have heard of/sampled/gulped down, and/or regularly purchased our flagship product - OM Kombucha / organic smoothie from us.
However you got here, we are grateful you are reading, as we have something to share.

As a team over the last 8 years we have loved singing to our SCOBYs and drinking our own supply in an endless fashion.

We have obsessed in brewing the finest quality, organic, living product, for the benefit of *most gut microbiomes.

We have entrepreneurially laboured for countless hours of love, through exceedingly late nights and statutory holidays.

We have lived on and thrived through some really hearty challenges, both inside and outside of the brewery.

We have cultivated strong relationships with local customers, wellbeing leaders, organic stores, cafes and bars.

And we have savoured in the sacred gift of service, watching people effervescently enjoy our creation.

8 years on, it is safe to say the booch game has changed and grown a lot, so has our planetary situation, and so have we.

As a bunch of young men, on the journey we have both grieved and lost our brother @jasethewizard, and celebrated new life with countless amounts of children have been born amoungst our community connections.

For us, with roots as an organic smoothie stall, playing around in the FMCG (Fast moving consumer goods) business, has been a wild ride.

As we have learnt more about wellbeing, the food industry, and state of our natural world, it has been harder to supply quality organic ingredients, and the challenge of competing with other brands in a food industry that is hell bent on profit in a game that doesn't honour Papatūānuku (our mother) first - doesn't really appeal to us any more.

So today we announce OM's retirement from the wholesale kombucha game, in order to free us up to feel into more effective ways of enabling our vision of thriving human and planetary wellbeing.

To those who regularly refill or purchase from us, don't worry - we have you covered, stocking some of Aotearoa's finest booch brews on tap at our flagship store at the La Cigale French Market.

Every Sat/Sun 9-1pm, enjoy an organic smoothie, breakfast bowl, hot cacao, connect with local community, and/or pick up a load of organic produce at Garden for the People at the market next door.

To continue to support OM, you can find us carrying a range of health food brands that we trust, delivered nationwide to your door from our online store
As a lifestyle enterprise, Organic Mechanic will continue to support, visualize and embody the change that we wish to see in the world.

We will continue to supply you with the best quality organic foods/beverages/experiences and tools to enable your wellbeing to thrive.

We will continue to connect, share and amplify events, people, movements, and ideas who's time have come.

We honour all the individuals who have and continue to give their love and support to this kaupapa.

In the next few days we will be giving away our last few boxes of limited edition OM Kombucha.

Stay tuned for how to take one of these home.

Big love

The OM Crew.

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OM was my favorite kombucha of all times and places. I always found it many steps ahead of any other brands in NZ and everything I tried in North America as well. Enjoyed both flavors for years. Really sad to see you leave the booch game, will be missed heaps! Good luck with new ventures, I am sure it will be brilliant :)
All the best


Hey Guys,
One door closes and another one opens! Glad to read you are staying true to yourselves and beliefs, that takes courage.
Wishing you all the best for the next phase of your ventures.
From the old neighbours at Totara Gr.


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