Breakfast with Graedy Plums

Breakfast with Graedy Plums

What are your top four tips for taking the stress out of breakfast?

1. Drink pure water.
We wake up in the morning after going for 6-8 hours without hydration, so it is important to start the day (before doing anything else) with a few glasses of purified water. A few cups in the morning can help to kickstart our metabolism, aid in weight loss, promote detoxification, and lubricate our daily bodily functions.

2. Get a good sleep.
The spectrum of blue light emitted from the smartphones in the dark before sleep has shown to fool our brains into thinking we are out in the sunshine, and causing our body continue waking life as normal - making it difficult to sleep. For the optimum morning wake up, try to end device usage before you get in and after you get out of bed. Forging good habits with sleep is essential to vibrant health & wellbeing.

3. Make Time to Prepare
Dedicating time to go out and get all the possible ingredients you need for breaking your fast in the morning means you can seamlessly create smoothies, muesli bowls, superstar toast combos you have always dreamed of. Having a frozen batch of peeled bananas prepped in the freezer will help keep the mess to a minimum when it's time for a morning smoothie, keeping things creamy and ice cold.

4. Release Expectations
Often we set big goals and expectations on ourselves, and sometimes taking the first step can be overshadowed by an almost unbelievably high case of stairs. Make it easy on yourself by dropping expectations and focus on improving one small dietary change a week. Before you know it, you'll be eating a bowl, drinking a smoothie, or creating meals as you go along packed with living, nutritious goodness.

What is your favourite quick breakfast dish?

Most mornings I'll have a bowl of organic muesli topped with pumpkin & sunflower seeds, hemp oil, LSA, a load of Cacao, a few scoops of an organic plant-based protein powder, frozen blueberries, golden kiwifruit and a sliced Banana. I mix that all together with rice milk and a healthy dose of probiotic Raglan Coconut Yoghurt. I eat breakfast like a king, and then let the rest of the meals in the day unfold from there.

What ingredients should a breakfast slacker stock up on?

Hemp Oil
- 2 TBSP of hemp oil in the morning is a powerful dose of Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids which are crucial for healthy skin, hair, eyes and brain.

Chia seeds - 2 TBSP of chia seeds soaked in liquid will expand up to 3x their size. Their jelly like texture is great to add to smoothies/muesli as an effective bowel cleanser.

Cacao Powder - Full of Magnesium, iron, and all sorts of essential minerals, raw cacao powder is a healthy dose of dark chocolate in a smoothie/muesli bowl.

Coconut Yoghurt - Full of natural probiotics, fermented foods like coconut yoghurt are great for helping to balance and feed the healthy bacteria in our gut microbiome.

By Graedon Parker

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