The Fuel of Champions

To become the worlds best, in any activity, requires your body, mind and spirit being able to function at the highest level on a consistent basis. Nourishing your body with nutrient dense, empowering foods on a daily basis is a fundamental part in that process.

We are always stoked to see DC come down for a wheatgrass shot and a green smoothie, as it just shows that there is no luck to his success, operating at such high level off the field which enables him to be world class on the field.

We really appreciate his support down at the markets over the years and thanks to him being such a great example for the leaders of tomorrow!

Much love,
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Hey Gini, we are constantly sorting out the highest quality ingredients, whilst also keeping our sugar levels as low as possible. At present, OM Kombucha is 2g per 100ml. Cheers!

Organico Mechanico

I would be interested to know what the sugar content is of your
Kambucha please.
thanks you


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