5 Tips to Improve your Lifestyle and Unleash Your Inner Eco-warrior

Organic Mechanic is a community of young, inspired ambassadors for a new, healthier, more conscious and sustainable way of life, more in tune with our bodies, our community, and also the planet.

Here are 5 of our best tips on improving your lifestyle and unleashing your inner healthy eco-warrior.

1. Drink more high quality water.

Our bodies are over 80% water, so it makes sense to drink the best quality. Tap water in Auckland is simply not up to standard - filled with chemicals like chlorine, hydrofluorosilicic acid (fluoride) and a wide range of other heavy metals which can deposit in our bodies and cause serious damage over the long term. Ararimu Valley Water (can be purchased at most health stores) is a short term solution for this problem - you can also look at water filters (we use this one) which are relatively easy and cheap to get installed.

2. Eat local, organic vegetables - especially dark leafy greens
Eating organic means that your food has not been exposed to toxic chemicals like herbicides and pesticides, and can ensure a more nutrient dense result. Buying organic is also a vote for a more better organic future - "each dollar we spend is a vote for the kind of world we want to live in."

Supporting local means that your dollar goes to a small local farmer rather than a supermarket giant. Buying at a local farmers market also can mean that less time that has elapsed after harvesting, meaning your food will be fresher, and won't have traveled thousands of miles to get to your plate.

Potent leafy green detoxifiers (Spinach, Silverbeet, Kale) are an easy add to the side of every meal (or in a smoothie) - rich in chlorophyll, they are nature's natural blood cleanser. They are also really easy to grow at home.

3. Eat more fermented probiotic foods

Historically, probiotics were a regular part of our daily diet. Before refrigeration, fermenting foods was one key way we preserved them. Most of the Neolithic “traditional” cuisines around the world served fermented foods daily, sometimes up to 15 servings per day, and if not at every meal. These foods include sauerkraut, kimchi, lacto-fermented fruits and vegetables, coconut yogurt, kefir and Kombucha.

Because of the fermentation process, all of these foods are packed full of probiotic bacteria, which are beneficial for keeping a healthy gut microbiome (the culture of good bacteria/bugs living in our tummy helping us to digest food).

4. Lower your animal protein intake

One of the simplest and compassionate acts that we can do as humans on this planet right now is to lower our meat intake. Documentaries such as Cowspiracy have shown that animal agriculture (cutting down rainforests to grow food to go toward raising animals to feed humans) around the world equates to more of climate change than all transportation fossil fuels combined.

The average Kiwi eats over 130kg of meat per year - compared to the average centenarian (people who live over 100) who eat less than 10kg - and mostly fresh fish at that!

5. Ban synthetic chemical cleaners from your home

This includes any deodorants, dishwashing liquids, and even washing detergent. Many of these chemicals can contain carcinogenic compounds that are both bad for our bodies, and also bad for the planet. Ecostore has a great range of plant based products that are an easy swap in your home.

For more helpful tips, and a whole lot of banter, come down and see us Sat/Sun from 8-1pm at La Cigale French Market for a green smoothie, vegan protein shake, a wheatgrass shot, and unlimited amounts of OM Kombucha.


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