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Tiwaiwaka Book - Pa Ropata (Rob McGowan)

Tiwaiwaka Book - Pa Ropata (Rob McGowan)

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Tiwaiwaka Book
Ka ora te whenua, ka ora te tangata
"When the land is well, the people will be well."

Learn about the 6 Tiwaiwaka Principles and a way forward for the survival of our species in tune with Papatuanuku and the world which we are a part of.

30 Page booklet - Published 2019
DIGITAL EBOOK Now available.

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Our energy to heal and create change, comes from the whenua - the living growing earth with all its beauty; from te Ngahere (Forests) and the rivers and mountains - the special places where Papatuanuku still retains that gift of life that once flourished throughout all of Aotearoa.

As healers, the whenua (land) is our first patient. Keeping the whenua well will ensure the wellbeing of our future and resilience for generations to come. Right now, cultures all around the world can hear that the land is not just crying, she is calling us to action. She speaks to us through the birds, insects, plants and trees, the waters, the wind… Tiwaiwaka (the Fantail) is the voice for Papatuanuku, the messenger of kotahitanga (unification).

The coming of 2020 is a time of listening, listening to hear, and hearing to take action. This booklet is the beginning of the journey, reconnecting to the whenua, introducing participants to the world of Rongoa Maori, and the 6 Tiwaiwaka principles as a way to move forward in true unification.

Tiwaiwaka is out of the cage. She now flies freely. Where she flies to is beyond our control. We must fly with her.

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