Ceremonial Grade Organic Cacao Buttons



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Ceremonial Grade Organic Cacao Buttons




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      Raw organic cacao butter from the jungles of northern Peru.
      Rich & creamy texture - perfect for baking or raw foods, or adding to tea as a healthy fat. Organically farmed and harvested directly from farms in Peru.

      These new high vibrational heart opening strain of Amazonian 'criollo' cacao buttons are crafted with care and intention for Ceremonial Grade energy. It contains natural cacao butter, the most effective carrier of cacao's medicinal benefits. The perfect companion with meditation, yoga, dance, art, writing, music and spiritual practice. Mamamuti Cacao Buttons can enhance awareness, presence, and focus - activating creativity.

      Feel grounded and tuned into the frequency of love.

      A true to origin drinking chocolate experience.

      Easy to measure. Effortless preparation.

      Simply take 5 buttons (20g), combine with 3/4 cup hot water or nut milk. Whisk or blend for 15 seconds. Optionally add sweetener. 

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