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  • IWA: Ceres Circle is inspired by Hine-te-iwaiwa, the spiritual guardian of weaving, childbirth, and the cycles of the moon. 

    We invite you to gather with us as we lay offerings to Te Whare Tangata (the house of humanity) in an exploration of cosmological pūrakau (our creation stories) and the lineage of ancient plant medicine. The honour of your presence is requested in comfortable ceremonial attire. Adorn yourself in gold, your favourite jewellery or traditional wear for this special occasion. We will sit in the presence of indigenous knowledge keepers, our indigenous women. 


    Saturday 12th December

    3pm - 9pm

    Biz Dojo Ponsonby

    4 Williamson Ave, Ponsonby, Auckland

    Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/411858656670887

    What you will need to bring:

    Please bring a small item that intuitively represents Te Whare Tangata ( the womb) that you can place on the altar. Your favourite cushion, a pareau (wrap or sarong) and comfortable clothing that will allow you to sway your hips, lift from the centre and breathe.

    What you can expect:

    We will eat nourishing food from @thesoulfulgarden, sip on tea from @weloverongoa and drink organic kombucha from our supporters at the @theorganicmc. Together we will play, laugh and connect through movements from within Te Moana-Nui-a-Kiwa (The Great Pacific Ocean).


    Ngaronoa RenataRaukura Kingi-SayerTe Whetu Silver and Amiria Raumati (Wāhine Māori) present a beautiful ceremony informed by Te Whare Tapa Whā (the four walls) that hold Te Whare o Ngā Mareikura (the house of the Supreme Goddesses of the Twelfth Heaven).

    Our Wāhine Māori weave pūrakau, poetry, karakia and Indigenous wisdom as they move through a series of offerings that will activate your sensory body, and your wairua (spirit). You will be held within a container of ancient wisdom, unlearning and learning how the power of blood and ritual holds the mysteries of Whakapapa. 

    Alanna Marsh shares the modality of Wayapa Wuurrk which means “Connect to the Earth” in the language of the Maara & GunaiKurnai Peoples of Aboriginal Australia respectively. Wayapa Wuurrk is a wellness modality that enables the transmission of intergenerational wellbeing by deepening our individual and collective reciprocity with our shared Mother Earth.

    Andean Cosmovision and Cacao ceremony with Connie Causa, infused with Peruvian Maca Wisdom from Sally Huapaya (Seleno Health) and accompanied by the rhythmic drum beats and voice of proud Ibaloi musical artist Joydah Mae Bernado. 

    Mallence Bart-Williams (Founder of Secret Ceres) shares an introduction into womb-wellness followed by a live stream Q & A about Secret Ceres - a holistic beauty and womb product.

    INTRODUCING THE SECRET CERES WAND: https://organicmechanic.co.nz/products/secretceres

    We will move with Dancer, tattooist and film-maker Julia Mage'au Gray. There is an opportunity to bathe in sound with Rihanna Kenny Dowall or quietly lay and take rest.

    If you have any questions you will receive an email from your host Savannah Atai Petero and our wonderful team will be on hand to support you during the gathering.


    For event details please go to:



    Congratulations, once you purchase your ticket we celebrate your attendance with the free gift of 1 x pair of AWWA period-proof underwear (a sustainable alternative to period products) worth up to $45 in value. Michele Wilson, Co-Founder of AWWA would like to extend the period-proof experience to you in support of this gathering. 

    Our team will send you further details closer to the date however on the day we ask you to melt into your divine feminine and allow for the unfolding.

    Arohanui x


  • Kombucha

    To maintain high quality OM Kombucha throughout delivery we cannot send to South Island or any Rural Deliver Addresses.


    We can ship hemp to North or South Island in NZ

    Thank you for understanding
  • Kmbucha FAQ:

    What is Kombucha?
    This ancient probitoic elixir is thought to have originated in Manchurian China over 2000 years ago, migrating across Asia into Russia and throughout eastern Europe. The claims to its probiotic health benefits restoring viatlity and promoting healing have preserved the elixir through generations and carried it around the world.

    How much Kombucha should I drink per day?
    If you have never had Kombucha before, we recommend starting slow - and going for around 200-250ml servings a day for the first few days. Our recommended dose is around 300mls per serving.

    When will I receive my Kombucha bottles?
    Order before midnight on Tuesdays, and if you are in Auckland you will receive on Thursday morning, and North + South Island on Fridays.

    Due to stock availability, there may be a possibility of your order to take up to 2 weeks to arrive at your door. We appreciate your patience through this process.

    What do I do with my empty bottles and boxes?
    If you are in the Auckland area, you can return empty flattened boxes to us at the La Cigale French Markets. Here you can also refill used bottles, cutting out waste and making your bottles go another round.

    You can also refill bottles at a growing list of Auckland Cafes and Organic Stores.

    Is Kombucha safe for Pregnant/Breastfeeding women?
    For safety purposes, we would recommend pregnant and breastfeeding women avoid drinking Kombucha at this point in time.

    Is Kombucha Dairy Free/Gluten Free?
    Kombucha comes with all of the probiotic benefits, but none of the dairy. OM Kombucha is 100% dairy & gluten free, meaning those who have dairy intolerances can still enjoy a dose of probiotics daily.

    Does Kombucha contain alcohol?
    Due to the natural fermentation process, there may be minute traces of alcohol present, but never more than 1%.

    How long will my bottle last?
    Kept in the fridge it will last up to 6 weeks. Kept out of the fridge, it will continue to ferment - producing a bubbly, and vinegary taste - not for the faint hearted.

    Where else can I find your Kombucha?
    You can find a list of our locations at local farmers markets and retail stores here.

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