Organic Mechanic - OM Shack 
After a 4 month hibernation and a few continued rennovations, the OM Shack at La Cigale French Market reopens Saturday 8th August.

Read more about our hibernation here >>>


Opening Hours
Sat 8 - 1 PM
Sun 9 - 1PM

69 St George's Bay Road, Parnell, Auckland.

Organic Mechanic began as a humble organic smoothie stall at La Cigale
French Markets in 2013. Over the last 6 years we have served organic food
& beverage options and a space to connect for the local community.

Our foundational principle "Food is Medicine" carries through all of our menu options, changing seasonally with the fresh produce that is available from Garden For the People next door at the market. Every ingredient we use is spray-free/organic and of the best quality.

The OM Shack is 100% Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, Refined Sugar Free,
and infused with Intentional Love.

BYO Cup/Bowl for $1 off your order
REFILL your OM Kombucha bottle
Use a returnable cup for your order for a zero-waste transaction

    OM Shack Menu

    Acai Bowl

    A Brazilian classic with our twist and authentic organic Acai pulp from Pablo at Riversea
    Acai. (We've been told our OM Acai Bowl is possibly the best in the world by Brazillians).

    Athena Green Smoothie

    Seasonal organic greens, lemon, banana, cinnamon, dates and a dash of NZ grown
    Hemp oil to kickstart your weekend detoxification.

    Mango Smoothie

    A super fresh fresh blend of organic mango, lemon, mint,
    coconut cream, turmeric, and spring water.

    Hercules Chocolate Smoothie

    This one is an indulgent cacao blend, but don't worry, it's still good for you.
    With cacao being packed full of antioxidants and magnesium, this smoothie
    is like having a deep Cacao dessert for breakfast.

    Smoothie Bowls

    Transform any of the smoothies above into a smoothie bowl.
    This means a thicker smoothie, and lots of toppings.

    Warm Cacao

    Enjoy a warm cup of organic ceremonial grade
    Cacao straight from the jungle of Peru.

    OM Kombucha on Tap

    As part of our mission to create a zero waste business model, you can
    grab a reusable globelet cup of OM Kombucha straight from the tap, or
    refill any one of your OM Kombucha bottles for a cheaper price. Our tap
    flavours change seasonally, with the favourites Lavender and Blackcurrant
    or Classic Ginger always available.

    380ml Cup - $6.00
    750ml Bottle (New) - $14.00
    750ml Refill - $12.00
    888ml Bottle New - $16.00
    888ml Refill - $13.00
    1L Refill - $14.00
    2L Refill - $28.00