Zero Waste OM Kombucha Cups

  • As a company we are super conscious about our impact on the planet 🌎🌿

    With every product we create, we hold ourselves responsible to make something that will last, can be recycled, and that won't be thrown into the landfill straight after it is used.

    This is our #zerowaste refillable and returnable Globelet cup. You pay a $2 deposit on top of your cup of #OMkombucha/green smoothie, and you can either keep the cup, or return it to receive your $2 back... It's a system that has given back tenfold, especially at festivals over the summer and at our stall at the La Cigale French Market in Parnell - literally meaning there is no waste involved in the drinking of our product - from the keg it is poured from, to the cup it is consumed in 🍺

    We even had our artist G.Parker design it so it was so freaking cool that you just wouldn't throw it in the bin. Part of our commitment to sustainability, our commitment to the planet - and the urgency for us to all take a collective responsibility for the practises and every day wasteage that we support. ♻️

    #bethechange #voteourplanet #minimizewaste #globelet #refillrevolution #kombucha #organicmechanic

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