Water is Life  🌊

Water is Life 🌊


We are anywhere from 70-99% water beings. Because of that massive percentage, it makes sense for us to drink the best quality, pure and mineralized water that we can find - in order to for us to replenish our cells with the best quality building blocks of life.

I roll with a 2L Organic Mechanic Growler made of glass like this one every day, and make sure it gets finished. Plastic doesn't work for me - when the sun hits plastic bottles, a whole lot of carcinogenic and hormonal disrupting toxins leech into the water inside the bottle.

I fill my vessel with the best quality local awa spring I can find (from a 20L Ararimu Valley container). Tap water doesn't cut it for me as it is treated with chlorine, fluoride and also has traces of heavy metals which cause some serious health issues to our bodies with repeated daily exposure (like heavy metal toxicity, thyroid issues, arthritis and bone disorders, low gut bacteria counts, and perhaps most prevalent - a decalcified #pinealgland).

2L is enough water for the whole day and it brings me back to a much more primal and connected sense of where my water comes from. You may also understand that water has memory and can be manipulated and structured by our emotional/energetic frequency and intention. The highest frequency is that of joy, love, and #gratitude.

To fully understand the importance of clean water we must understand our connection with it 💧

Large corporate overseas interests are onshore in Aotearoa and buying up our freshwater springs which they will then sell back to us as plastic bottled water. Perpetuating the plastic pollution problem (I don't care if your plastic bottles are compostable or what - without proper compostable systems they will still end up in the ocean). Water is our birth right and we need to protect what is right, just and sacred.

Get a growler: https://organicmechanic.co.nz/collections/om-kombucha/products/om-kombucha-refillable-growler-1l-2l

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