The Revolution Comes From Within

By graedon parker Jul 18, 2017

The real revolution, is the evolution of consciousness...

From the food we eat, to the way we eat. The intention we put into that food before it enters our bodies, the gratitude we have for the earth mother Papatuanuku who provides that nourishment, and to the human hands which prepared it...

The way we treat others who can do nothing for us, the way we act when we think nobody is watching... The way we treat each other in our relationships... Having the compassion and understanding to listen, and see the situation from a higher perspective...

Where there is shouting, there can be no consciousness...

Becoming aware of the ever present synchronicities and manifestations of our thoughts in our daily lives...

To change the world, all we need to do is look within...


Tamara Josephine • Photography

Graedon Parker
Graedon Parker


Graedon Parker is an Internationally award winning Artist, Activist, Entrepreneur & Plant-based Lifestyle and Hemp Advocate - based in Auckland, NZ.

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