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  • 5 Tips to Improve your Lifestyle and Unleash Your Inner Eco-warrior

    October 08 2015

    Organic Mechanic is a community of young, inspired ambassadors for a new, healthier, more conscious and sustainable way of life, more in tune with our bodies, our community, and also the planet.Here are 5 of our best tips on improving your lifestyle and unleashing your inner healthy eco-warrior.1. Drink more high quality water.Our bodies are over 80% water, so it...

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  • Foodhaul at the OMC

    September 16 2015

    #‎Foodhaul‬ at the OMC Headquarters. You are what you eat, so we try our best to buy our food as living, local, wholefood, and as organic as possible - but sometimes it is simply not an option when organic broccoli is priced at 4.99 each, or when you need some quinoa shipped over from Peru. For 4 - 5 prime...

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  • #Smoothiesinschools

    September 03 2015

    Last week we had the opportunity to go into Mangere East Primary School to visit the kids for the second time, to re-instate our healthy foods and lifestyle message of daily intake of fruit & vegetables, growing their own food, composting their waste, and also daily activity in the form of Yoga every day.Stay tuned for more photos/videos and information...

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  • A New Year, A New You – 10 Foods To Kickstart Your Immune System

    December 05 2014

    We all know what this time of year is like – a little too much to eat, a little too much to drink and a little too short on sleep. But hey, it’s the festive season right, and life is all about enjoying yourself and the company of those around you! That being said though, it’s always a brilliant idea...

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  • Getting Back to Basics - What is Vitamin B?

    December 05 2014

    If you are going to take Vitamin supplements then think of them as a top up to your daily diet, because no supplement is going to make up for a diet high in sugar, salt, saturated fat and processed foods!

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