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  • Why I Oppose Mandatory Water Fluoridation in Aotearoa

    Why I Oppose Mandatory Water Fluoridation in Aotearoa

    June 12 2021

    I just posted my public submission opposing the move for mandatory fluoridation & mass medication of NZ's water supply. Applications are open until 18 June 2021. Even a simple "I do not consent" makes a difference. Make a submission at this link: See my submission below:To whom it concerns, Thank you for the opportunity to share about the Supplementary...

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  • OM Kombucha - NZ Food Awards Finalist

    OM Kombucha - NZ Food Awards Finalist

    September 22 2016

    We are stoked to find out that the #OMKombucha brew is joining an all star team of Aotearoa foodies in the Health and Wellness category of the New Zealand Food Awards Finalists 🙌🌿Winners will be announced Thursday 13th October.

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  • #OMshack Matcha Latte - Winter Menu Release

    July 13 2016

    It's about time we had some warm winter options down at the #OMshack - Join us this weekend at @lacigalefrenchmarket for a cheeky green Matcha Latte, blended with our own house made/steamed cashew mylk, and powdered with enough Matcha to have you bouncing off the seat of your pants.100% Gluten Free, Organic & Vegan. $6 compostable @innocentpackaging cups.Only on Sat/Sun...

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  • Are Vitamins about to be made Illegal? Thoughts on The Natural Health Bill

    July 11 2016

    This is a highly absorbable, high dose (1000mg) form of vitamin C that can be taken daily as immunity building maintenance, or as part of a remedy regime to destroy a cold, virus, or infection in the body. Studies have shown that intravenous vitamin c (drip fed through a tube into the bloodstream) has been shown as an effective treatment...

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