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  • Health is the Real Wealth.

    Health is the Real Wealth.

    March 20 2020

    There is no more time for business as usual. Around the world, humanity is entering a chrysalis. An initiation. A metamorphosis, a deep change in society as we know it, into a new kind of civilization. As a company, a business with core values of wellbeing, we have had to make some responsible calls. How can we best adapt to...

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  • Introducing our New OM Kombucha Bottles ✨⚡️

    Introducing our New OM Kombucha Bottles ✨⚡️

    August 19 2019

    These new 375ml bottles represent the Organic Mechanic commitment to create a more regenerative and responsible brand future, making the best quality product, whilst doing minimal harm, and fostering positive community & environmental impact for generations to come.As well as the bigger bottle:• The amber coloured glass bottles help preserve billions of living bacteria inside from harmful UV light;• Amber...

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  • Zero Waste OM Kombucha Cups

    November 08 2016

    As a company we are super conscious about our impact on the planet 🌎🌿 With every product we create, we hold ourselves responsible to make something that will last, can be recycled, and that won't be thrown into the landfill straight after it is used. This is our #zerowaste refillable and returnable Globelet cup. You pay a $2 deposit on...

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  • Jonnie Halstead From Wanderlust Great Lake Taupo on Dougit - The Podcast

    February 25 2016

    At Wanderlust Great Lake Taupo a few weekends ago, we caught Doug taking Jonnie (Australasia's Wanderlust enabler) on a legendary impromptu podcast over a beer by a pool in the sun following the final act of the festival - the mindful and magnificent musician Xavier Rudd. It's a great listen, check it out

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  • Entrepreneurship = Perserverance

    February 23 2016

    Organic Mechanic was born out of a dream to do things differently, to be liberated from society's ideals of having a career, of having a job, being a cog in the machine, working on someone else's dreams.. Instead we live life in the highest alignment of our own dreams, taking control of our own future and lifestyle full of freedom,...

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  • Auckland BePure Ben Warren Seminar

    June 29 2015

    We are excited to announce we are teaming up with BePure to help bring you Ben Warren and his explosive new seminar "Discover How To Be Healthy & Happy In The Modern World" Over 35,000 people have attended Ben Warren’s inspiring and educational seminars, so don’t miss your opportunity to discover: - What foods you really should be eating to...

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  • OM Kombucha Launches into Wise Cicada

    June 26 2015

    We are humbled to have launched #OMkombucha into our home store - the effervescent and wonderful Wise Cicada in Newmarket.Every time we visit this cafe tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, we are greeted with the most beautiful, loving & warm atmosphere. All of the staff who spend their time there are simply radiating with...

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  • OM Super Saiyan Four - The Story So Far

    June 23 2015

    The past 18 months have been a wild ride for The OMC. Week by week we have been showing up rain or shine, to make green smoothies and serve free probiotic shots of our craft brewed Kombucha, converting and educating perhaps hundreds of unsuspecting marketgoers, whilst also providing unbelievably great banter down at our home turf at La Cigale French...

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  • Probiotic Kombucha Subscription is Now

    June 17 2015

    We are proud to announce that we now have the world's first Organic Living Probiotic Kombucha subscription service up and running, powering full steam ahead into the healthy and vibrant probiotic future of humanity. A Little About Kombucha Originating in the mystical lands of Manchuria thousands of years ago, Kombucha is an ancient probiotic elixir that has been enjoyed by...

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