Standing with Ihumātao

Kia ora,

Kaitiaki (land protectors) at Ihumaatao are entering their third week of peacefully protecting the sacred whenua for future generations. 

In the face of wind, rain, and constant police presence, they are holding the front line with peace, kotahitanga (togetherness, collective action, unity, solidarity), and positivity. 

As the occupation continues, it is crucial for our community to show up, and to keep showing up. Here’s what you can do right now to show up for Ihumaatao:  

  • Go to the whenua. Protectors on the front line are organising shifts for new folks to relieve those who have been braving the cold. To find out more information on the logistics and what you might need to bring with you, follow the Protect Ihumaatao Facebook page , INSTAGRAM or Twitter account. There are also Facebook groups set up for folks organising rideshares and supply runs here and here. 
  • Attend a solidarity action tomorrow, Tuesday 6th August. A national day of action has been called to show solidarity with Ihumaatao protectors. Actions are taking place in Wellington, Dunedin, Hamilton and Auckland. Actions like these show government decision makers there is nationwide and ongoing support for a resolution that honours tāngata whenua and protects the land for future generations. 
  • Email Jacinda Ardern, Grant Robertson, or Phil Goff to protect Ihumaatao. Last week, more than 2,000 people sent moving, powerful, personal messages to our elected representatives urging them to protect this sacred land. If you can’t make it to the whenua, or attend a solidarity action, express your support for kaitiaki by sending an email now. 

When important events like this happen, journalists and media outlets tend to focus their stories on the kaupapa (cause, issue) for about a week before the media cycle moves on. That’s why we need to take action now - to not only maintain the pressure that has been built, but increase it. 

It takes a full, diverse, and thriving ecosystem to sustain a movement. Each of us has a place within the interconnected web of communities taking action across Aotearoa for the protection of Ihumaatao. 

Every action we take not only supports and sustains the kaupapa, but supports and sustains others we share this ecosystem with. 

Take your place today by joining the front line, attending a solidarity action, or emailing our elected representatives. 

Thank you for all that you do,

Via Madeleine, for the team at @ActionStation

Photos by Maori Mermaid

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