PLANT POWER - The Planet Solution

PLANT POWER - The Planet Solution

PLANT POWER - I was brought up with the classic Kiwi mentality of eating meat almost every meal and every day.

Over the last 2 years, I haven't eaten a pig, cow, lamb, or chicken (or any other land dwelling animal) and I'm not just surviving - I'm thriving.

Instead, I have adopted a mainly plant based diet, with the equivalent of perhaps half a fish per week, and free range, organic eggs from our neighbours and local organic stores IE Produce​  Huckleberry​, and Wise Cicada​. I won't buy dairy products on purpose, but if I do - I'll make sure it's organic and of the best quality.

In complete transparency and contrast to that, there are also times where you might catch me eating a V-Twin Vege burger or even the off chance of a #glutenplus pizza covered in cheese.

I am very aware and conscious of the impact on my body and the planet from my diet - and I am doing my best to be the change I want to see in the world whilst allowing the stretch room for experimentation and play.

On a deeper level, I have adopted this mentality not just for the health and respect of my body, but for a love of the animals, and responsibility for the protection and guardianship of the planet. #kaitiaki

Cage farming and our modern ways of raising animals and cattle for us to eat is both an environmental, ethical and spiritual travesty. As a collective society many of us have become completely detached from where our food comes from, & this is a fundamental issue that is affecting us as a civilization. This needs to change now. We need to take responsibility for our consumer choices & stop supporting practices which are destroying the planet and the needless slaughter of innocent animal lives.

If that is not yet hitting home, NZ has one of the highest intakes of meat & dairy in the world, and we also have corresponding highest rates of bowel and breast cancer... Not saying that meat is the reason for this, but an over intake of meat and dairy into a toxic, blocked up gut microbiome.

If this post can help to encourage one person to cut their meat intake and become more conscious about cage farming and where their food comes from, then I'll be a happy lad.

#getconscious #plantpower #ednotmed

Article by Graedon Parker

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