Organic Mechanic - Wellington Launch

Organic Mechanic - Wellington Launch

Wellington - it's time to answer the call... 

For a long time now we have been getting asked the same question... when will Organic Mechanic come down to Wellington? 

And for a long time now we have been answering... soon.

This weekend, the time has come.

To mark this important day in history for us, we are doing something very special... and you are invited.

As we leave our HQ on the North Shore in Auckland, and make our way down to the capital to hang with some amazing foodie friends (Raglan Coconut Yoghurt, Midnight Baker, Wise Boys Burgers, Bootleg Soda), we are beyond excited to have the opportunity to join forces in celebration with the super conscious community of Wellington.

Welly is a place, very close to our hearts - a fundamental incubator for the conception of Organic Mechanic.

For one of our founders - Graedon, Wellington is a second home...

Having lived there for 4 years whilst studying a graphic design degree at Massey University, Welly saw his transformation from 2-minute noodle eating student to the co-founder of a holistic health and wellness movement, which we now know as Organic Mechanic.

Returning to visit the Wellington community - we bring with us a message.

The time has come for all of the inspiring, creative, forward thinking and conscious communities of New Zealand to band together through a shared vision of authentic leadership.

For us, we are working towards creating a thriving, globally connected and empowered holistic wellbeing community.

So as much as we are all about kombucha, it is really just a token, a gateway drug, a tool for helping to create the revolution in people from the inside out.

A tool to empower people to be the change. To make better choices about their own wellbeing, their communities, and about the environment.

On Monday 26th June, we are putting out the call to rally together the Wellington crew, and celebrate OM style - with free flowing Kombucha on tap, live music, good vibes, and plant based snacks from the legendary Cam Sims from Plant Culture.

So grab your friends, your family, and join us at Wellington's BizDojo.


Biz Dojo #WLG
Monday 26th June @ 7-10pm
115 Tory Street, Te Aro, Wellington

Speech from the OM Whanau at 8pm


Alcohol & Waste free event

We hope to see you there :)


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