Organic Mechanic - 2016/17  Key Dates

Organic Mechanic - 2016/17 Key Dates

You won't find us at La Cigale French Markets this weekend, instead we are taking a break to reconnect with our roots, relax, and celebrate all of the successes and challenges that have come and gone this year - reopening at La Cigale with an all new menu on the 14th Jan.

Over New Years you will find us at AUM Festival - 30th Dec - 2nd Jan at South Head, North of Muriwai.

Howick Market will continue every Saturday 8-12.30pm all the way through, and Clevedon market will resume on the first Sunday back of January 8.30-1pm.

Come and join us for a #zerowaste and #alcoholfree celebration over NY at AUM Festival, otherwise we will see you for a brand new start next year...

All the love in the world,

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