OM Party Saturday - Music Lineup

We are having a party tomorrow. But unlike many parties you might have been to in the past, one of the only fermented drinks on the menu is one that is naturally fizzy, and full of probiotics ⚡️

The most intense moment won't be when you pass out on the floor or when you go and vomit in the bushes - it will be when you feel a sense of total oneness and connection with the universe at the mass meditation at 8pm.

You don't need to worry about blacking out and not remembering anything either, because the worst thing you might go home with is numb lips from too many rounds in the kava circle.

I haven't even mentioned all the amazing artists that will be playing Ciaran McMeeken Franko Heke, Le Rire Kat Edwards and one other suprise special guest...

It's time we brought a little more consciousness to our kiwi habits of gathering over alcohol.

Experience something a little different this weekend... Tickets $15 at

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Some photos supplied by Cameron Sims

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