NZME Wellness Week - Emily Gallagher Conscious Boss

NZME Wellness Week - Emily Gallagher Conscious Boss

Want to learn how to master your health, mindset and relationships all whilst building a successful business? ⚡️

Join us next Wednesday evening 24th May from 5.30-7.30pm, with the legendary Emily Gallagher Conscious Boss - hosting a panel of wellness experts, featuring our very own Graedon Parker, alongside heavyweights Richie Hardcore, Art Green, and Abbie from Feel Fresh Nutrition.

Learn how to:
- Master your health in a way that fits in with your lifestyle
- How to maintain passion in relationships whilst building a successful business
- Find out how successful business owners manage all areas of their health and wellness
- Build connections and collaborations with local, likeminded people in the wellness community

There are around 5-10 Tickets left for this event - get one here:

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I wish I could have arranged to be in Auckland for this incredible panel. In future it would be great to see presentations/discussions/gatherings/events like this live streamed as well so people could purchase a ticket to tune in live from anywhere even if they miss out on being there in person.
In the meantime I’m about to go download some inspiring podcasts from wellpreneurs and other conscious crew spreading good vibes in great ways.

Would also love to see a post about this event with a run down some of the top takeaways from the panelists!


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