Meet Alex - The Efficiency King

Meet Alex - The Efficiency King

This is Alex He has been part of the core OM squad since its inception in 2013...

Playing a crucial role in peeling bananas and helping to systemise processes in Graedon's Dad's garage when we began down at the La Cigale French Market & Bistro - Alex would help out the lads making smoothies/planning skate missions on his weekends alongside Rajeev who were both studying at Auckland University during the week.

His massive strengths in preparedness, efficiency and organisation have helped OM to grow into a clean functioning machine that continues to create revenue and drive massive impact in the community. Utilising his skills as a raw chef (Moonlighting briefly as the first raw chef employee for Olivia from The Raw Kitchen) he radically altered our original smoothie recipes at the #OMshack, channelling in our now famous Acai bowl recipe from Açaí Riversea, and the rich and decadent O.G. Hercules chocolate smoothie.

The first full box of OM kombucha we ever sold was for Alex's wedding in 2015, where he married his schoolyard love Siobhan van Heerden and went on to create a mini-me by the name of Hector, who is now 18 months old. How incredible and purposeful it makes our mission to have children involved in OM... How important it is for us as men to have the responsibility of setting an example for a younger generation...

As one of the five owners of OM, Alex is our full time Accounts Director, making sure that the North island of Aotearoa stays hydrated and dosed up on #OMkombucha.

You can find him down at the markets most weekends, and if he's not there, he might be on a snowboard mission to Mount Ruapehu... But most probably, he'll be getting schooled on playing guitar by his son Hector

Mega Chur to the brother Alex

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