Kombucha In Schools

Kombucha In Schools

Over the past four years, Organic Mechanic has found inspiration in working with school children and teachers in Auckland.

We have had four of these collaborations so far… the first occurred soon after the founding of OM in 2013 at James Cook Highschool.

This was the creation of Smoothies In Schools, where we would go into a school armed with a team, some blenders, and fresh organic produce to craft delicious green smoothies for the students and teachers (all for free). The following two Smoothies In Schools were at primary schools in Auckland, where we also planted fruit trees on the school grounds.


Charlotte, Raj and Alex with the students of Titirangi Steiner, 2017

Smoothies In Schools had its first evolution on 26th September 2017, transforming to Kombucha In Schools. On this day some of the Organic Mechanic crew ventured into Titirangi Steiner School and shared with the senior students the art of brewing kombucha.

Not only did we part with the students the equipment, tools, and education on how to brew kombucha, we shared with them how they can use their own kombucha brew to sell at their upcoming school fair.

This included Charlotte introducing a Business Model template and guiding them through filling the basics of this out in relation to their own microbreweries. These tools are what we see as a way to transform the school fundraising system… from sausage sizzles to home brew kombucha.

We look forward to more of these collaborations over time, and parting the art of brewing kombucha to the up-coming generation of NZ.

To learn how to brew your own kombucha at home Click Here.


Snapshots from previous Smoothies In Schools, 2013 - 2016

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