Farro Fresh True Locals - Organic Mechanic

Farro Fresh True Locals - Organic Mechanic

We are absolutely stoked to be featured as the Farro Fresh True Local this month - Find us at your local store every Friday for the month of October for a free sample and super discounted bottles of #OMkombucha.

"We celebrate the Organic Mechanic crew as our True Locals this October.

Joining quite a line-up, this team don’t have the years behind them that many of our other True Locals have, but they certainly share the same enthusiasm and spirit of adventure that is needed to be an artisan producer.

School boy friends Jason, Graedon, and Nick started Organic Mechanic after individual experiences in their lives lead them to want to create a movement that would both educate and inspire people about health and wellbeing, whilst also help them as a collective to fully embody the change they wished to see in the world.

All three of the boys were influenced heavily on this path by the late Mike Corliss (Nick & Jason’s Father) after he was diagnosed with cancer in 2004. Mike looked at many ways to heal and reverse his condition, travelling all over the world to some of the top medical facilities, figuring out along the way that the best way to beat cancer, was indeed prevention. He invested in a wheatgrass juicer and a blender, started taking time out to meditate each day, and overall – he took massive responsibility for healing his own body. He resigned as CEO of his business, started eating more organic foods, and went on to become an importer and distributor of organics in NZ, as he wanted to share his newfound passion and life with as many people as he could.

The changes not only gave Mike a much better quality of life but also changed the boys lives, influencing them all on their own journeys toward health and wellbeing, with the legacy living on through Organic Mechanic – now a much bigger team (including Raj and Alex) set up shop at the La Cigale markets in Parnell every weekend. Handing out their refreshingly vibrant organic smoothies, OM kombucha, and free hugs, they were a hit on the local community, and it was easy to see what benefits their own energy had on others.

Their kombucha features in the chiller at Farro Fresh stores and – because we believe, as they do, that food is medicine – we are proud to have The Organic Mechanic as our True Local this month.

Finely craft-brewed and fermented, Organic Mechanic’s living probiotic kombucha is not only infused with ginger for extra digestive anti-inflammatory support, it also has much less sugar than most kombucha on the market. It’s a bright, sparkly, and lively taste, and we are sure you will be able to taste the difference that comes from the Organic Mechanic team putting in 100% of their good vibes and energy into each bottle!

See the full article here: http://www.farrofresh.co.nz/true-local-organic-mechanic/

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