Connection ✨ Vegan Vibes Festival 2018

Over the weekend we gathered our crew together for a mission down to Vegan Vibes in Mount Maunganui. We went through various 19L kegs/cups and refills of #OMKombucha. We sold completely out of #HempSeeds and OM Singlets, and our stall was competely #Zerowaste.

But by far, the best thing we got out of this weekend... Was connection ✨

• Getting away from home, out of the city, gave us time to connect with ourselves.

• Travelling as tribe into new lands and staying with family meant we had time to connect with eachother.

• Spending time in Nature, revelling in the natural beauty gave us time to connect with the Earth.

• And setting up at the stall, putting our best foot forward, shining our beacon of light, meant we had the opportunity to connect with a whole new community of people in Tauranga who shared one single value (eating mostly a plant based diet).

Connecting and expanding our global family is by far the most fulfilling and enjoyable part of Organic Mechanic.

Like the guy who we met climbing Mount Maunganui the next day who had put his hemp seeds in water and drank it down - not hearing correctly that he was meant to then blend the hemp seeds and water to make hemp milk.

Or the local man we met on the Mountain path who taught us of his ancestors connection to the Maunga - who synchronistically ended up knowing @jasethewizard.

Or the family that all bought OM Singlets but thought it was weird to wear them all at the same time, and then seeing us shortly thereafter (all wearing OM Tees) also climbing the mountain - all of us erupting into a laughing fit.


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