Coming Full Circle - Commonsense Organics

Coming Full Circle - Commonsense Organics

I discovered Commonsense Organics as a poor and malnourished University student in Wellington during the year of 2012.

I used to come here with my flat mates and friends and spend my last dime on hemp oil and as much organic produce as I could afford... To visit this shop last weekend - 5 years later, and to leave with OM Kombucha stocked on its shelves is a complete manifestation of my goals as a graphic design university student to teach young people about health and wellbeing. This place is where my journey with Education Not Medication began - Which after uni with the help of my homies would ultimately become the movement which is now Organic Mechanic.

Looking back on this adventure has shown me how far I have come on this mission... How important it is to have a dedicated team of like-minded warriors on my side... How seeds of potential we plant every day can be watered, cultivated and grown into the forests of our dreams...

Spread and grow your seeds tall, far and wide... Just don't forget your roots.

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Photo by Tamara Josephine • Photography

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