Brew Story - Rākaunui

Brew Story - Rākaunui

It is said that at this time of the Maramataka (Lunar Calendar) Rākaunui is exerting a powerful force on Papatūānuku (Mother Earth). This is most noticeably seen in her tides, her weather and the rising of her water table. It is during this time that Māori would plant kūmara, for the high water table would bring forth huge tubers. Interestingly though because of their water content this Kūmara wouldn't store well, so why grow it?

One word - hospitality. These large kūmara were first eaten by the whānau and then any visitors to the marae. Visitors would marvel at the size of these kūmara, traveling home with word of the incredible hospitality, spreading the mana of the iwi far and wide.

The day of this brew was nothing short of powerful. Stunning periods of bright sunshine, interrupted by sudden torrential downpours of rain and hail. The wind flexed the trees to their limit and hungry waves devoured beaches with their white claws. Papatūānuku was alive and ready to brew with us.

Knowing this, there was a tangible well of energy available for us to tap into as we entered the brewing space. Again it seemed like time almost stopped. Through each motion of wiping, weighing, stirring, lifting, sweeping there was a certain lightness a certain unwavering flow.

The brews water table or energy was brought to the service as a reservoir upon which we were able to grow our version of big, energy packed kūmara. On this night the brew wanted to be brewed. She wanted us to capture her in her divine glory as an offering to our people.

In doing so we have captured our mana to share with you - our mana is one of love and empowerment. As you partake of this brew you do so as a respected and honored guest, welcome anytime. As you travel back to your own experience you will feel drawn to share your experience of the great Rākaunui.

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