Are Vitamins about to be made Illegal? Thoughts on The Natural Health Bill

This is a highly absorbable, high dose (1000mg) form of vitamin C that can be taken daily as immunity building maintenance, or as part of a remedy regime to destroy a cold, virus, or infection in the body.

Studies have shown that intravenous vitamin c (drip fed through a tube into the bloodstream) has been shown as an effective treatment for chronic infections, inlcuding greatly increasing the quality of life for cancer patients. More info here:

The sad thing about our current medical system is that most Allopathic (conventional) doctors, are not taught about and seldom do they prescribe immunity building vitamin C for the flu/infections, and mainstream propaganda has led the general population to think treatment with a simple vitamin (we cannot naturally produce Vitamin C, so we need to build our vitamin C levels daily) seem to be quackery and conspiracy.

Vitamins are thrown out the window in favour of a more profitable system involving all sorts of unnecessary, patented, and toxic, pharmaceutical drugs, totally unnatural to our bodies, and that can sometimes even cause more problems in the body than you had to begin with - submitting you to a potential lifetime membership with the pharmaceutical industry.

Don't get me wrong, there is a place for pharmaceutical medicine, but the way things are set up, this particular incarnation of an over-arching profit driven industry would backwardly much rather see you every 3-4 months and prescribe you a product, rather than educating and putting you on the right track the first time so you never need to come back.

What is interesting is that our government is now in the midst of pushing through a law which would render products like this vitamin c, herbal supplements, essential oils and other proven effective natural products a LOT harder for people to obtain without a prescription.

If we are taking herbal, mineral and vitamin supplements off the shelves because of a potential health risk - then it is absolutely ridiculous if we don't also take a look at the pharmaceutical products that will be pushed to use in their place - causing millions of deaths around the world from adverse reactions every year.

Twelve reasons to oppose the bill:

To make herbal supplements and vitamins illegal to buy over the counter is a basic removal of our rights as consumers and healthy human beings with freedom of choice.

The decision to take products off the shelves that have been in use for thousands of years all around the world in order to stop uneducated consumer decisions is a huge overreaction to a small problem that has caused minimal harm in the first place.

With New Zealand being the only other country (joined by the pharmaceutical giant U.S.A.) that can legally promote and advertise pharmaceutical drugs on national television - isn't it time we started taking a closer look at this system and its laws which supposedly have our best interest at heart?

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Education Not Medication

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It is Human Right To Make The Choice, Of What They Intake, Either For Prevention Or Cure, Conventional, Or Unconventional!


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