It's Our Last Weekend at La Cigale - Ever

Aloha all.

We just wanted to take a second to remind you how magnificent you are.

We hope you have had a second to pause, and reflect on how awesome this year has been for you.

How amazing and innovative you have been, how many beautiful things you have accomplished, and perhaps all of the seeds you have sewn, to ultimately reap in the not too distant horizon.

One thing is for sure, we hope you realize how much you are going to enjoy the coming break over Christmas.

For us, we are taking a long, well deserved break.

We are taking our OM Kombucha setup with us down to Prana Festival on the coromandel, and soaking up a few Coromandel waves, but then continuing work as usual from the 8th Jan (Brewing and delivering OM Kombucha to stores) keeping work hours down to 2-3 days a week.

Summer is way too short to be sitting at our desks.

And yes, this weekend is our last weekend for our original stall at La Cigale - ever.

Late Jan 2016 - we have a suprise for you, and everyone else who regularly comes down for a smoothie, OM Kombucha, banter, or just for the hugs...

We are starting back with a bang. And we aren't giving any clues - except this one.

After two and a half years of hustling rain or shine under a marquee every weekend, a new dawn awaits our organic smoothie/kombucha/banter stall.

We are looking at kicking it off on the last week of January, but until then, we will keep you posted via Instagram and Facebook.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for your support this far, you cannot imagine how much we appreciate... you.

Here's hoping you have a wonderful, rich and powerful Christmas and New Year, spending time in good company with the people closest to you.

Arohanui, an all the love in the world,

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