OM Kombucha Launches into Wise Cicada

We are humbled to have launched #OMkombucha into our home store - the effervescent and wonderful Wise Cicada in Newmarket.

Every time we visit this cafe tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, we are greeted with the most beautiful, loving & warm atmosphere. All of the staff who spend their time there are simply radiating with gleaming smiles, and posses the greatest support for the OM tribe and our mission.

Besides the amazing staff, the stunning array of breakfasts, salads, hot meals, drinks, and raw treats at Wise Cicada is really out of this world.

There is also a range of the latest organic produce, interesting books, jewellery, health food products, beverages, and so much more.

It is with honour that our first #001
batch of 12 x Ginger Infused Living Probiotic Kombucha bottles are officially on the shelves here.

Today the journey is only just beginning. We are coming...

Wise Cicada
23 Crowhurst Street,
Newmarket, Auckland



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