OM Super Saiyan Four - The Story So Far

The past 18 months have been a wild ride for The OMC.

Week by week we have been showing up rain or shine, to make green smoothies and serve free probiotic shots of our craft brewed Kombucha, converting and educating perhaps hundreds of unsuspecting marketgoers, whilst also providing unbelievably great banter down at our home turf at La Cigale French Market & Bistro​.

Since then, with the help of our growing OM tribe, *shout out to you guys - we have expanded our probiotic Kombucha into two more markets (Howick Farmers Market​ and Grey Lynn Farmers' Market​), and also even found ourselves a sweet pad which we could all live and work full time on OM, in our own way trying to be an example of how to live as consciously, sustainably, and eco-consciously as possible.

Over that time, we have had the privilege to collaborate with some amazing brands like Ceres Organics​ for our #smoothiesinschools campaign, adidas​ at the Auckland Marathon, Lululemon​ at Wanderlust​ last summer in Taupo, Bikram Yoga Britomart​'s warm community yoga events, Mr Vintage​ who supplies the team gear, and​ who always drop off leftover pots of gut nourishing probiotic goodness.


In the last month we have been professionally advised on our backyard compost pile (all the organic waste material from the markets) by Garden Genie, and sponsored soil and seedlings by Kings Plant Barn​ and Living Earth to build an organic vege garden at our place with recycled untreated pallets, (which is now really starting to crank).

At the same time we have been learning a great deal about ourselves, our gut health & nutrition, growing food & healing the earth, and also about positive business - learning by constantly trying out new things, sometimes making mistakes, and seeking to learn from others, doing our best to use OM as a vehicle to help change the world.

In the last few weeks, we have been selling our craft brewed & fermented Kombucha online, setting up a weekly subscription service in an effort to help provide the people of New Zealand with high quality probiotics, delivered to their doorstep with no joining or opting out fees, and with cheap shipping all over the country.

Next week, our bottles and boxes will be fully labeled, and we will be launching into a small selection of our favourite organic cafes and health stores in the AKL. You can support not only us, but also your own gut health by grabbing a bottle, or jumping on our weekly "no strings attached" #OMKombucha subscription at this link.

Our intent is that this living fermented beverage will spark your continued awakening to pursue your truth, uplift your spirit, and awaken you to become the greatest, most radiant version of yourself.

"If you really want to change the world, start by changing yourself."

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to all we have ever met for all of your continued friendships and support, we could not have made it this far without you :)




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