24 May - School Strike For Climate NZ - #SS4CNZ

When leaders act like children
Children act like leaders.

The sea levels are rising, and so are the youth.
Today on May 24th all over NZ (and the world) hundreds of thousands of school children went on strike for climate change action on the protection of the future planet they will inherit.

It is our youth who will lead us through the global transformation, demanding climate change action from our government, and a safe and secure trajectory for future generations.

Our civilization is now in a state of #climatecrisis, and like many indigenous cultures, communities, revolutions and activist groups around the world, for them, giving up is not an option. Fighting for our future, the only choice ✊🏽🌿💚♻️🌏

📷 School Strike 4 Climate NZ March 15th 2019 by Geoff Reid NZ

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Hi there young people – I am so proud of you ALL.

I am a seasoned conservationist nearly 80 years young -been heavily involved successfully leading Saving Lake Manapouri (1960’s & 70’s), Native Forest issues, Saving the Heaphy Track,etc & still going on Climate Change, etc. Am so so proud of ALL your efforts.

Here is an initiative that keeps taking it to the public with the firm message One Voice can trigger LOTS of interest & involvement. It’s an attention grabber that a few groups could try in public spaces (even, maybe public transport at an opportune time). Imagine the effect if it was carried, regularly, spontaneously, when the public feel they are too insignificant to help.

Happy to hear from any of you bs1999bs@gmail.com – it’s important we keep the pressure up & encourage individual participation leading to wider participation.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxkXrAvtCsc (watch how this grabs the public – great)

In many of the campaigns mentioned above we were often told we couldn’t win against vested interests – WE DID & THE PROOF IS OUT THERE. Bravo – all the best to you all.

Kind regards

Bob Green

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