The OM Journey To Prana


Travelling down to Prana with a boot load full of ginger infused Kombucha and a yearning for a deep soul connection - We were ready. Prana festival is located in a remote part of the Coromandel through a secret passageway surrounded by majestic mountains, protected by tall pine trees.

The energy and feelings at the festival were uplifting and soothing, calm and nourishing. Everything that the mind, body and soul needed for an adventure of LOVE.

The location was the opposite of a big city. Instead of material wealth, judgement, and concrete, it was freedom of expression, compassion and beauty.

The people were open, loving and real. Stories of their journeys inwards and outwards were both inspiring and heart warming. Thank you to everyone that contributed to the creation of Prana Retreat Easter 2015, we loved every moment of it and we will do whatever we can to help create the next one.

Until next time,

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