5 Ways Hemp can Help Heal our Planet

Henry Ford once said “Why use up the forests which were centuries in the making and the mines which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forest and mineral products in the annual growth of the hemp fields?”

Not only is hemp a fantastic sustainable resource for products such as paper, clothing, textiles, homes, and petroleum fuel, but it is also a nutritious addition one's diet.

Yes you can eat hemp
The nutritional profile of the hemp seed makes it one of the most versatile and nutritionally dense foods on the planet. Containing natures perfect balance of Omegas 3, 6 and 9, (great for
preventing heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, arthritis, & also even maintaining skin, eye, hair and joint health), Hemp seeds are also one of the most bio-available and easy to digest proteins in existence.

Pressed into an oil, hulled to hemp ‘heart’, blended into a dairy free hemp milk, or blended into a plant-based protein powder/flour, hemp is a wholesome addition to any meal/smoothie.

Not only that, it also restores minerals to the soil & oxygen to the atmosphere
A single harvest of hemp can fully mature in 3-4 months, yielding between 3-8 tonnes of fibre per acre – four times the amount of an average timber forest (which takes over 25 years to grow). On top of that, an acre of hemp breathes in around 4-times the carbon dioxide of the same amount of trees, and even naturally cleanses the soil of toxic contaminants like radiation through a process called phyto-remediation. Through this process the crop in turn restores crucial minerals back to the earth.

It even provides a non-toxic & sustainable alternative to wood, paper, cotton & plastic
During WW2, farmers were encouraged to grow hemp for its astonishing profile of over 10’000 uses including ropes, clothing, uniforms, parachutes, paper and food for the war. Used for anything that wood, paper, cotton or plastic can be used for, it is a fantastic non-toxic and sustainable alternative to to our modern practices of cutting down ancient forests, growing pesticide laiden cotton, destroying the earth by drilling for oil, and polluting the ocean with petroleum plastic bottles.

Hemp for victory video (1942)

You can use Hempcrete to build non-toxic, C02 negative, environmentally friendly & breathable homes
Hemp bark (from the inside stem of the crop) mixed with lime and water (Hempcrete) is perhaps the cutting edge of eco-green design, providing a fantastic, sustainable and non-toxic alternative to traditional cement and wooden homes. “I cannot find a material, which does what hemp does,” said Kevin McCloud of Grand Designs. Besides being completely non-toxic and carbon negative, it is energy efficient to create, it grows in 3-4 months, lasts 100’s of years, and is even flame proof, rot-proof, water proof (as long as it is above ground) and pest resistant.

You can even build cars with hemp, and then run it on the oil

One of Henry Ford’s first cars ran on hemp ethanol (made from pressed hemp seeds) and the exterior body was made of hemp plastic, which was supposedly 10x stronger than steel.

“I wake up in bed in the morning on my hemp sheets, on my hemp mattress, on my hemp bed frame, and I put my hemp slippers on, and I walk across my hemp carpet. I drink my hemp smoothie, brush my teeth with hemp toothpaste, slip on my hemp clothes and drive my hemp car, which burns hemp fuel.”

Hemp could change everything.



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Great article.


Hemp is most definitely a super plant, I can’t wait till it becomes easy to access in NZ



Michelle Ryder

Sounds great!
There seems to be some legal issues requiring some hemp foodstuffs to be sold as for “animal consumption” hopefully this can change for easier promotion and widespread use.


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