5 Ways to Eat through the Christmas Season Relatively Unscathed

Ahh Christmas. The joy of listening to Michael Buble’s ‘carols’, battling crowds to get presents, eating way too much and feeling supremely awful – a great way to celebrate the festive season! Right?

So my 5 suggestions for Christmas survival are (I’m not counting watching Labyrinth, or Elf as they are non-negotiable).

Herbal tea.

Ridiculously simple, but peppermint tea is the most amazing thing to have in the cupboard/handbag/your pocket. Peppermint is one super herb; it works by calming the digestive system, so you can digest those chips and dip a little easier. Plus bonus, it’s tasty and helps reduce nausea and upset stomachs if one was to have ingested a little too many Christmas themed cocktails. Other variations on the theme; fresh ginger, or nettle tea or a few drops of peppermint essential oil in water.

Christmas is the time for chia seed everything.

Chia seeds are a source of omega 3, calcium, fibre, protein. You can buy Chia drinks but they can be pricey so life hack –add 1.5tbs chia to 2 cups of quality juice or coconut water, leave them to absorb and ta da all sorted. This can help you avoid the cheese and cracker platter (think seeds (fibre) + liquid = fuller stomach), also ensuring that you are getting some much needed nutrients this fine Xmas season. Variation on the theme; chia puddings with cacao, cinnamon (magnesium/energy/blood sugar balancing/chocolately goodness) + nut/coconut milk = best bressert ever (dessert for breakfast).


Now is the time to embrace the awesomeness that is Kombucha. I am naturally squeamish, and I sometimes have to watch Shorthand Street through my fingers (and not because of the acting), so the SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) from Kombucha is a like a nightmare for me. But after the initial trauma, I love my Kombucha. It’s a simple way to help your liver as its enzymes and bacterial aids help with detoxification. Kombucha is probiotic which we all know = good gut health. Good gut health = better gut / brain link which = Christmas cheer!

If you are traveling for Christmas or scared of Kombucha starters check out http://www.thecollectivedairy.com/nz/index.php?link=products&cat=tummy-love&product=tummylove

Greens with every meal - breakfast included.

Popeye was right, although unlike him I don’t discriminate - all greens are good. Christmas may feel like a free for all on the junk food front; but I am now placing you are under semi-strict instructions to eat the green on your plate (garnishes included). Greens are high in antioxidants, folate, fibre, vitamin C, vitamin K, iron, calcium and good green vibes. Most importantly they are easy to find, easy to add to your day (smoothies/sandwiches/salads) and easy to eat.

Remember to drink (and no gin cocktails do not count) and breathe!

Christmas is crazy; you are out of your routine, sometimes your house and at times your mind. So, let’s fix that. Add berries/lemon/orange/mint/cinnamon sticks into good old municipal tap water - throw it into the fanciest glass you can find and Christmas drink sorted! Or go all fancy and sodastream the stuff! (I’m not saying that’s all you drink but if you can have it more than the Kahlua and milks that would be grand). Breathing is kinda essential, so taking the time to focus on some good quality inhaling and exhaling will do you the world of good.

Check out http://www.doasone.com/

If all else fails, pick the dark chocolate scorched almonds and if any one asks; Santa only brings things that are good for you. Merry Christmas.


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Thanks Skye Macfarlane, very informative :)


Definitely love this blog!!!! Will include in our xmas this year :)

Sam Jones

Love it!!!


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