Introducing NZ Grown Hemp Seeds | Organic Mechanic

Introducing NZ Grown Hemp Seeds | Organic Mechanic

Committed to NZ Grown - OM Hemp Seeds can be added to almost every meal as a high protein/omega superfood. Add to smoothies, muesli, on toast, in salads, or even as a garnish over dinner.

Organic Mechanic has grown hemp for the last two seasons, and this plant of so many uses has always been close to our hearts.

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We have long been fans of hemp and all of it's uses - one of which, as a staple healthy and nutritious food source (for animals).

With healthy fats such as natures unique balance of omega 3, 6 and 9, hemp seeds are great for nourishing the wellbeing and vitality of the skin, hair, eyes, heart and brain.

Hemp seeds are also a great protein source, as more than 25 percent of their total calories are from high-quality non-bloating and dairy free protein.

25% is considerably more than similar foods like chia seeds and flaxseeds, which provide about 16–18 percent.

The hemp plant, Cannabis sativa - comes from the same species as cannabis (marijuana), however, hemp seeds contain little-to-no trace amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the compound which causes the relaxing effects of recreational and sacramental smoking of the herb.

As a protein source, hemp seeds are also infinitely more sustainable than whey protein, which is often filled with various chemicals, hormones, and even genetically modified material.

Hemp grows to full maturity in 3-4 months, with 1 acre creating around 3 tonnes of high protein hemp seed which can be used for food, oil, and biodiesel fuel.

Despite being obviously nutritious for both humans and animals, as well as being good for the planet, hemp seeds still have to be sold as animal feed due to ridiculous hemp laws in New Zealand and Australia.

We can change these laws simply by buying and supporting Hemp in NZ.

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I want to buy hulled Organic Hemp Seed please asa ! The larger amount the better please 2-3kg would be ideal. Whats your price if I buy 3kg? Or 5kg?
Thanks for your help!

Sabine Chiquet

Hello ‘The Guys’ (even if you are girls, which is good :)

I have suffered a ‘tricky gut’ for a long time, too long (I am 70), and have been researching/ reading on all I could find for the last 3 years (yes, it takes some of us a little longer :)

I am now totally convinced that I would benefit tremendously bu adding Hemp seed to my daily diet.

It is too expensive buying the oil and adding that to the remains of the crushed seed (which made the oil).

Are you able to advise and or redirect me to a source of the edible seed. I’m not in need of Organic or for human consumption graded.


Dennis Wales

I I’m a soap maker and would like to use the whole leaf in a transparent soap. Can i buy the plant or the seeds to grow it please?


Hello, awesome post, just a heads up on the website link to at the bottom, it doesn’t seem to work. but does just in case it was supposed to be a link to the products themselves :) keep up the good work cheers

Kenneth Carlos

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