BREATHE - 06/12/2018

BREATHE - 06/12/2018

The OM brew storey is a short piece written by the head brew Dylan Steeples. Connect in more deeply with each bottle of kombucha as you read the storey and experience what surrounds each brew. You can find the which brew you are holding and its storey by referencing the best before date on the label.

For the past little while now I have been hanging out alone most saturdays with the OM brew and it's been great. You know when you have a friend at school you love hanging out with but when another friend hangs out with you it completely changes the dynamic? It's kind of like that when someone joins me for the brew. I love it, but me and the brew were becoming a really solid team.

No matter if I had a good or bad week, I would roll up on a Saturday morning and the brew would be there for me. We’d get down to business and brew some incredible booch.

Each week the brew would teach me some incredible lessons - lessons about our existence on planet earth, lessons about loving and forgiving people we don’t agree with.

I was getting great at the brew too - I mean I could do it extremely efficiently and still make amazing booch - I had mastered the craft. I would try be in and out as quick as as possible so I could get straight back home.

Little did I know that another lesson was coming my way - brewing alone can get very lonely.

As humans it is our natural tendency to find the easiest and fastest way to complete a task, to take the path of least resistance. This seems nice, but just like eating high calorie unhealthy food and not exercising for a while is great, it catches up on you.

Brewing kombucha is a craft. It requires that each step of the process is done with mindfulness, intention and love. Time exists only as an illusion.

I was to learn this as I stepped into the OM dojo to brew with the original brewer (Raj) on a late thursday afternoon.

As the sun went down and we were dropped into the depths of the night there was no rushing, no ‘efficiency’.

The feeling of flow and timelessness that accompanies you at the brew was back. We weren’t brewing kombucha we were brewing an elixir that was going to save the world - it was all that mattered.

Brewed in arms of Mantra and Tuhinga the 06/12/2018 brew is a brew that reminds you to slow down and breathe, reminds you that intention is key. Infused with the spirit of that Thursday, this brew is a special one.

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